My US radio license (N0WUD)

This is my uncle's farm near Spooner, WI
When I'm there for a visit, I always have ham radio eqipment with me! Fortunately, there have never been difficulties with the entry. If the hand luggage consists mainly of laptop, radios, modems and plenty of cables, this might lead to problems.

My packet radio equipment
Packet radio (PR) is a radio data network used by radio amateurs to exchange data worldwide. You need a radio with an antenna, a modem and a computer with the appropriate software. On the picture you can see my radio equipment. The radio network is by the way free of charge for the user and works with transmission rates between 1200bps and 19200bps. However there are also restrictions. For example, no messages with commercial content may be be distributed. Advertising is therefore prohibited.

The shack of my friend Ted
Ted has the callsign KE6WF. I first met him through packet radio. He operates the local user access to the PR net and a relay station for VHF voice radio (2m band).

Front view

Back view

My QSL card
Radio amateurs send each other cards to confirm their radio contacts. On the back side of these QSL cards all relevant data are noted, like callsign, name, location of the amateur radio station and date of the radio contact. The front side is usually decorated with a picture and the callsign. At radio competitions the QSL cards are scored and depending on the distance covered, points are awarded.

My American amateur radio license
The license examinations for the American amateur radio license also take place outside the territory of the USA. In general, anyone with English language skills and appropriate exam preparation can obtain the license, if he has a postal address in the USA.

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